What is Mission
Make India Read

Hi! I am Amrut Deshmukh. I believe books can make us think differently. Books can bring health, wealth, love and happiness by making us empathetic humans. Do you believe in my belief? If not, don’t install this app. But if you believe in my belief, welcome to Mission “Make India Read”!

What and how we do?

I am on a mission to cultivate the habit of reading amongst the youth of India. (That doesn’t mean non-Indians are not allowed. It’s just that I simply love my country.)

I make short summaries of bestselling books & record them in my voice. So that you can read/listen to fat books in just 20 mins!

Audio Summaries

Ok..Don't like to read? We have audio book summaries too

Short & Sweet

You can now read or listen to a fat book in just 20 mins!

All genres

Be it business & management, fiction, biography, self help. We cover all genres.

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